Karoo Yoga Pop-up

We had a blast last night finding our OM at our pop-up yoga event with Alex from Exhale Spa and Chuice! Thanks for coming out everyone! We’re always happy to open our store to others who love to live life wide open.

Check out pictures from the event below!

Karoo is Like No Other Eyewear Store You’ve Experienced

Published by StyleBlueprint | Written by Melanie Preis

When you walk into the Karoo eyewear store, it feels like you’ve stepped into an upscale travel outfitter. The walls are covered in reclaimed wood and images of far-off locations and exotic animals. Every corner of the store features travel pieces, like vintage binoculars, that seem like they came straight from a wild excursion or luggage that bears the wear and tear of being carried around the world. Even the name Karoo evokes another land far from the hustle and bustle of Atlanta. But as you peruse the boutique and see the gorgeous frames dotting the walls, even hanging from the ceiling as part of the decor, you realize this isn’t your average eyeglasses store.

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Want To See For Yourself?

We believe in face-to-face meetings. That’s why we want you to come in to the office and experience what we can do for your eye health in person. After that initial meeting you will be able to enroll in our passport program and buy glasses here on the site next time, if you’re so inclined. Sign up for your free consultation today!